Actions Against Forced and Child Labour

Full PDF Statement can be read here

Discover MIP Inc.'s dedicated efforts to combat forced and child labour in our supply chains. Our commitment to ethical business practices and human rights is unwavering, and we strive to ensure that every aspect of our operations upholds the highest standards of integrity and respect for human dignity.

This comprehensive report outlines the proactive measures we implemented in the previous financial year to prevent and mitigate the risks of forced and child labour. In line with Canada's initiatives, our actions include rigorous risk assessments, thorough supplier audits, and continuous employee training programs. We have established robust due diligence processes and strengthened our grievance mechanisms to ensure that any concerns are promptly addressed and resolved.

Our efforts are not only a response to regulatory requirements but also a reflection of our core values as a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that by fostering a transparent and accountable supply chain, we can make a significant impact in the global fight against forced and child labour.

We invite you to explore the full report here to learn more about our initiatives and the positive changes we are striving to achieve. Through collaboration with our stakeholders and continuous improvement of our practices, we are dedicated to creating a supply chain that is both ethical and sustainable. Join us in our mission to uphold human rights and promote fair labour practices across the globe.