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We are getting into a new era. Following five successful years, where we focused on our Vision 2020 strategic plan, we are pleased to announce that we are getting close to embark on a new journey where we will continue to spread our superior products and sound advice to a wider group of customers in the Healthcare Industry.

Since the very beginning, MIP owes it success partly to our strong culture and our dedicated colleagues. As we continue to grow, we believe it is critical that we hold on to these two elements. Therefore, we have spent much of this year focusing on “putting word” on our culture and what we are all about. We are also continuously measuring our employee engagement and we are mobilizing leaders at all levels to engage in dialogue with their teams about how we make MIP a great place to work.

In order to “rediscover” our culture and core values, we undertook 1-on-1 interviews and workshops where more than 50% of the organization participated. Workshops and 1-on-1 interviews were held at every site and the similarities in what we heard where striking. We might be oceans apart, but at MIP we truly have one culture and one set of values. They are

  • Caring; We care about our colleague’s wellbeing, we care about our customers and we care about the success of our business.
  • Respect; we always assume good intentions and we treat others the way they want to be treated,
  • Innovation; We challenge the status quo, we are open to do new things, we experiment and we know we have the right to fail from time to time.
  • Collaboration, we trust our colleagues to help in times of need, we strive to break down silos and focus on what’s best for the team and the organization.
  • Determination, we set ambitious goals and we go the extra mile to meet them and we take pride in delivering against agreed timelines.

Every time you meet one of our team, you can ask them about it and how they apply it in their daily professional life.

We also have started investing in areas that will have a direct impact on our customers. We wish to ensure that our innovative superior products are always introduced to you at the most competitive pricing possible. Our Supply Chain department keeps expanding. In addition to the very capable individuals that count many years at MIP, we have added additional resources in purchasing, sourcing, quality control and logistics. All to ensure that you get the best service possible at all times.

Our Marketing Department has gotten renewed energy with a team that is always on top of the latest trends and technologies and full of ideas on developing new products, exploring different sectors and ensuring that we support you with best tools and information. We are very excited about where their new ideas will take us in the coming years.

Our customers and the industry always identified MIP as one of the true innovators in healthcare textiles and related services. We will keep working at it by having a Product Development process that is efficient, attuned to your needs and always deserving of our reputation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any MIP employee with any questions, comments or concerns. We always make it a priority to listen to you and help you find ways to achieve or exceed all of your goals.

I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at events we are attending around the world,

MIP Inc.

Who We Are

Our History

MIP is a Canadian company with a very proud history. MIP (previously known as Med-I-Pant) was founded by Jerry Friedman in 1977 as the first manufacturer and supplier of adult reusable briefs designed to meet the needs of incontinent adults . About a year later, David Schreiner joined as a partner to head up sales. Together, they started to build the company, adding other key employees along the way. Today, MIP has become a global leader in the reusable healthcare textile industry, providing a broad range of products and services to the healthcare industry in North America, Europe and around the world.

From the start, the Company's employees were inspired by a vision of understanding customers' needs and providing products that met those needs. The Company grew because of this innovative spirit and unique customer approach. As a result, MIP and its employees around the world have earned the respect and admiration of healthcare professionals and competitors alike and the Company is recognized and defined as a leader in innovation and dedication to customers' needs.

Today, the MIP group sells its products in Canada, the United States and internationally in more than 27 countries. We have offices and facilities in Europe with MIP Europe GMBH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Med-I-Pant UK Ltd. (MIP UK) in the United Kingdom and serve many of the other European countries including France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. We supply our customers with a broad range of textile products, services and solutions in all markets. Our customers include large and small laundries, distributors, hospitals and long term care facilities.

In September 2013, MIP's ownership group expanded with an investment from Banyan Capital Partners. Today, MIP is owned by senior management in partnership with Banyan. Banyan's approach is to partner with management teams, combining their experience and expertise with extensive capital resources to help build and grow their portfolio companies. In 2016, MIP acquired the UK based health care textile company Cromptons, thus solidifying its UK position and expanding it's product portfolio.

The continued success would not be possible without the support of our dedicated team of employees and business partners, our devotion to teamwork and our core values as reflected in our Beliefs and Corporate Directional Plan.

To find out more about Banyan Capital Partner please refer to their web site

Vision & Mission


We foster an environment where health and care go hand in hand.


We will help the healthcare industry put people first with uncompromising efficiency, dignity and quality of life.

Our Philosophy:

At MIP, we believe in quality of life without compromise. That even the smallest improvements can hold the greatest importance.

And when it comes to health, no detail is too small. Because we understand that the way a person feels can dictate the way in which they heal. And that healthcare is about more than operations and prescriptions. It’s also about providing dignity and compassion.

As global suppliers of comfort and efficiency, we strive to enable a healthcare industry focused on caregiving. And for every product to be designed with people in mind.

MIP. The Softer side of Healthcare.

Our Beliefs


Our employees are the key to success. They should be valued, listened to and respected and provided with the appropriate tools and learning opportunities to be the best they can be.


Our customers and their customers are the driving force of our business. We will do the best job possible to be proactive and innovative in providing products and services that help them meet or exceed their objectives and meet all applicable requirements.


We believe in doing business with reliable, loyal, quality and innovative vendors with whom we can build strong, honest and mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


MIP will be a respected member of those communities in which it operates and will always strive for sustainability throughout its value chain.

Our ISO Certification

MIP has become a recognized leader in the industry by providing customers with conforming and reliable quality products and services.

MIP Montreal is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, as it exemplifies our commitment to quality within every step of our processes.

MIP's ISO Quality Policy Statement:

  • Meet customers' objectives through operational excellence

Corporate Strategies

  • Create truly unique relationships with new and existing customers and secure preferred supplier status
  • Maximize sales across all SBU’s through cross-pollination
  • Drive innovation of products, services and solutions so we are recognized as the leader for all the relevant industry stakeholders.
  • Embed continuous improvement, based on Lean principles, into the MIP culture

Corporate Culture

One of our most important challenges is to continue to build a corporate culture where we work as a team towards common goals, beliefs and values.Our strategy gives us common purpose focusing our energy and establishing our priorities.Our beliefs reflect our values and commitment to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our community and our company.

Teamwork is a key element of our success. Teamwork creates an environment where everyone contributes fully and where a sense of partnership exists. For this reason, each team member is expected to be empowered: understanding his role, assuming his responsibilities and making decisions that will ensure the high standards of service that MIP is known for. Teamwork requires respect, listening, support for others, working for the collective good and, most importantly, effective communication.

Our Quality Policy is supported by the following objectives:

  • Reduce customer complaints to 18 complaints / thousand lines of sales
  • Have an Officevibe score of employee engagement at 7.0

Our People, Our Culture

Working at MIP

All of us who work at MIP contribute to our unique nature. Our employee beliefs, combined with our drive to serve our customers and achieve our vision, are alive in our day to day work.

We believe that our employees are the key to our success. Our employees are listened to, respected and provided with learning opportunities. They reflect our spirit of teamwork, mutual respect, commitment and the desire to encourage collaboration, effective communication and fair and equitable treatment.

Our culture is one that encourages engaged employees, high performance, continuous improvement and a learning and development environment. This provides a strong foundation for us to develop and adapt to our customer and business needs and confidently take on new challenges.

MIP seeks bright, motivated people to join our team. Apart from the skills needed for the job, we place a lot of emphasis on attitude and know-how, and look for people who are passionate about what they do.

Come join a great place to work! Come work at MIP! -- Send us your CV .

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